In celebration of University of Michigan's Bicentennial year 2017, The Third Century Screens (3C-S) Competition invites UM student, faculty, and alumni screen artists to create works that address the UM Bicentennial Committee's challenge under the theme of Creative and Inventing:

Creating and Inventing: The Creative University — With its early establishment of engineering and embrace of the arts U-M has long upheld creativity and invention as core endeavors. The making of both the useful and the beautiful occurs throughout the campus and the world. Applied science and the study of complex systems of all sorts help advance society’s well-being; Whether ethereal or practical, the intellectual activities of the University shape, and are shaped by, intriguing sights, sounds, language and technologies that have the power to inspire, transform and heal.
— UM Bicentennial Office (Themes for Bicentennial Activities Grants)

Entrants to the 3C-S Competition should propose works specifically for the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP), making creative use of its five semi-transparent screens. Click here for more information about the PUPP, including illustrations, descriptions and examples.

There are three categories for entries:

  • Faculty
  • Student
  • Alumni

Two Finalists will be chosen from each category for a public screening, a total of six. All Finalists' work will be screened on the PUPP at the UM Alumni Center. This is part of the UM's Third Century Expo (October 26-28, 2017). Three prizes will be awarded, one in each category of Faculty, Student, and Alumni.

Two distinguished guests (including Alison Griffith, author of Shivers Down Your Spine: Cinema, Museums and the Immersive View), join the 3C-S Team to participate in the 3C-S Colloquium September 23, 2017, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the traditions and contemporary creative practices involving the moving body, video and screening technologies. Team members will combine their classes and invite UM alumni, faculty and students from across campus and from neighboring universities to join them at the UM Dance Building for a weekend generative workshop. The 3C-S team will draw from this convergence of ideas to invent the 3C-S PUPP, a highly flexible and mobile design that embodies and engages issues of personal and civic identities and spaces, of single vs. multi-authored content, and of the new meanings and authority given screens as they assume the power of representation of "the real". Works by 3C-S competition finalists will be screened and judged.



Deadline for all submissions
August 15, 2017



The panel of 14 Judges will be comprised of :

  • 3C-S Creative Team Faculty Members (4)
  • 3C-S Creative Team students (4)
  • Two judges invited from outside UM, who are scholars and practitioners in movement, projection, and the representation of images on the screen.


Third Century Screens (3C-S) is an interdisciplinary project created by a team of UM faculty that celebrates University of Michigan’s bicentennial theme of creating and inventing. Conceived and implemented by four faculty members from Architecture, Art & Design, Dance, and Screen Arts & Cultures, 3C-S extends the 120-year old tradition of making motion visible on the screen by envisioning projections of moving images of bodies in motion: of dancers, athletes and people from all walks of life captured by cameras and edited by UM alumni, faculty and student video artists for a multitude of screens. This project coincides with the extraordinary proliferation of video and screens of every scale at every location: on social media, iPhones, laptops, billboards, in education, engineering, medicine, the arts, the entertainment industry, advertising and surveillance.  Indeed, the interconnectedness of human bodies to screens of every scale bridges and breaks down barriers between UM’s academic and artistic disciplines, the campus and the world, and between communities of diverse geographic or cultural locations and orientations.